MENTAL HEALTH: Sad to see end of care plans

Ravenslaw House, Alnwick
Ravenslaw House, Alnwick

While sympathising with the residents on South Road, I would like to express my disappointment that Abbeyfield Society are not progressing with their original plan to provide purpose-built secure accommodation for those with Alzheimer’s

There is a huge and increasing demand for such a facility and from personal experience I am confident that Abbeyfield would be ideal providers.

This is an extremely difficult condition to cope with within the home and neither do those with other disabilities feel comfortable mixed in even with early ementia sufferers in residential cases.

With the current emphasis on mental-health conditions, I feel that this is a serious opportunity missed.

Belford bunting, page four last week’s Gazette, depicts bunting being put up in aid of play-area funding. I fear that it is actually showing bunting being taken down due to some, in my opinion, small-minded people objecting.

Belford has such a good community spirit, that I find this surprising, what’s wrong with bunting? It has a long tradition of celebrating summer events etc. Also, this is a slap in the teeth for those volunteers who knitted the triangles.

Bunting is being featured as a top fashionable treatment for interior design at present so surely it is not too much to ask to see shop fronts brightened up for the holiday season?

Eileen Woodward,

Haven Meadows, Shilbottle