MEDIA: BBC spoiling shows’ stories

I am sure that I am not alone in being fed up with the current situation with BBC television.

Not only are we subjected to endless repeats, but many current programmes such as Countryfile are made up of almost 50 per cent of previously shown items.

Also, no longer do viewers receive a full hour-long programme. We are subjected to a minimum of three minutes of promotions for radio and forthcoming tv shows, the latter usually featuring clips of the best bits.

Personally, I do not watch the soaps, but there is no need to. The plots are featured on morning tv and plastered all over the newspapers.

Finally, we may soon be subjected to weather forecasts not from the Met Office but perhaps from anywhere across the globe.

I still have two years to go before I can have a free TV licence and I suspect that this concession will no longer be available by then as the Government will have passed the cost of this onto the BBC.

Eileen Woodward,

Haven Meadows,