Market let-down

TWO recent letter writers have commented on the pathetic continental market on the Bank Holiday weekend.

I too visited and felt that six parked cars and four stalls do not a continental market make. According to the advert in your paper there were going to be stalls from all over Europe laden with mouth-watering delights. I have two questions; who was supposed to be organising the market, and why was it such a shambles? No one has yet given us any explanations.

If Alnwick is going to pride itself on being the best market town in the country then the actual events should match up to the hype. I thought that your paper having carried ads for the market, would have asked someone to give us an explanation.

As far as the award for the best market town is concerned, my own view is that, as market town, Alnwick is probably the fourth best in Northumberland behind Hexham, Morpeth and Berwick.

The Thursday market has declined recently, as has the monthly farmers market and the actual market square itself is little more than car park.

Hutton Barton,