Many thanks

ON Friday, January 20, I tripped and fell outside the Alnwick Bus Station and sustained a head injury and I would like to sincerely thank several people who came to my assistance.

Firstly a very nice couple who picked me up and reassured me and were a great help, also a young girl who supplied me with tissues to staunch and clean the blood away and a young lad who had the presence of mind to call an ambulance and lent me his mobile phone so that I could supply my personal details to the Ambulance Service.

I am extremely grateful to them all for their kindness.

I would also like to thank the ambulance crew who attended to me and took me to Alnwick Hospital.

Finally I would like to thank the hospital staff who attended to me and stitched and dressed the head wound.

My sincere thanks to all concerned.

Joyce McKay,


I AM hoping the kind gentleman who offered me help at Alnmouth Station on Tuesday, January 17, around 6.30pn will read this.

Sadly my husband was unable to come for me but in the following hours of anxiety and stress that little act of kindness was a great comfort.

W Nicoll,

Lysander Court,


I WOULD like to thank the gentleman and his family who quickly changed the flat tyre on my car just before the tide closed the causeway on Holy Island last Saturday.

It enabled me to get off the island and drive slowly home before dark.

My apologies to all drivers who had to get past me going south down the A1.

Revd Velda Nicolson,


I WISH to thank the staff for the care and consideration they gave my brother Raymond in his last day at Rothbury Community Hospital.

The care he received, and we the family was exceptional.

And I think every person who live in this locality should be proud we have a hospital of this quality to go to when needed.

Hazel Mallaburn (sister), and Tully family,

The Terrace,