Many thanks

ON behalf of the John Bull Letter Draw may we wish everyone a very happy new year and offer a huge thank-you for the continued support given to the draw in the past year.

Although the club has had a quiet year with regard to charitable and local community donations, we can reassure everyone that the commitment to help where possible is as strong as ever and the letter draw community fund is still ‘alive and kicking’ should any assistance be required.

Despite the slow year, the letter draw funds generated donations of £2,300 in the past year, including substantial contributions to Northumberland Explorers for their up-coming Botswana trip and the Alnwick Community Centre Summer Play Scheme.

There were also numerous smaller amounts given to individuals and organisations.

These were only possible due to the generous support given to the letter draw every week by members of our local community for which the club is extremely grateful.

Good luck to everyone in 2012 and thank you all.

Geoff Smart, Chairman,

Clive Roper, Secretary,

John Bull Letter Draw.

l ONCE again it falls to me to thank the residents, shopkeepers, visitors etc for their assistance in this year’s Poppy Appeal in Seahouses and North Sunderland.

The figure currently collected amounts to £4,000.68.

I am still awaiting two donations and will release this figure when known.

Should any person wish to assist with next year’s campaign, perhaps they will contact me.

Tom Orrin,

Hon Poppy Organiser,

Seahouses and North Sunderland,

Stone Close,