Many thanks

PLEASE could we use your letters page to thank my brother Kenny Middlemist for raising just over £1,000 for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust by completing a 96-mile charity walk in the West Highlands with the support of a few friends.

We would like to thank everyone involved and also all those who donated on and off line. Our two sons have cystic fibrosis so this is a charity very close to our hearts as the money goes to research into finding a cure for this generic condition and our gratitude is endless to all those who have helped us raise money over the years.

Sarah and Norman Dundas


I WOULD like to thank the very kind lady who returned my sport fencing mask after finding it in the street, having dropped out of my bag.

She has saved me considerable expense and inconvenience.

Bob Brooks


COULD I please thank your lovely readers for all of the knitting patterns they kindly sent out to my daughter after my letter was printed in your paper.

Jacqueline Fisher

By email