Many thanks

I AM absolutely delighted at coming top of the poll in the Castle Ward by-election and winning a seat on Alnwick Town Council.

I would like to thank everyone who placed their trust in me (and the Greens), spent time discussing issues on the doorstep and gave me their vote on Thursday.

I am now eager to repay the faith you have shown in me by working hard to represent all the residents of Castle Ward.

One of my election promises was to keep in contact with the voters and to this end I have set up a blog at

Here you can subscribe to receive alerts when I add a new post – or alternatively email me via the contact page to request a monthly email update. If you don’t have access to the internet, contact me on 605812 to receive these in print.

Outside of this, everyone in the ward will receive a quarterly newsletter from me through their door.

Coun Rachael Roberts

l MAY I take the opportunity of using the Northumberland Gazette letters column to thank everyone who made the effort to vote in the recent Alnwick Town Council by-election.

In particular, I would like to thank those who voted for myself. The build-up to the election was a whole new experience, which gave me the chance to meet and chat with some lovely people.

I look forward to working with the other new and current town council members and consulting with the residents of Castle Ward on current and forthcoming issues.

Coun Jilly Bell

l I AM grateful to all of the local residents who took the time to speak with me during the election campaign for the Castle Ward seats on Alnwick Town Council.

Thank you also to my fellow candidates for a campaign fought in good humour.

Our town council has four excellent new councillors, from across the political spectrum, who will all work very hard for the town we share.

Coun Bruce Hewison

l I WOULD like to thank everyone who voted for me. I will try my best to ensure they are represented as fairly as possible.

I would also like to thank all the staff who assisted, especially at the count where any issues were explained to us very clearly.

Should any of the electors need to contact me they can do so in person or by sending me an email to


Thompson, Allerburn Lea