Long may you continue

I attended the showing of Alnwick Theatre Club’s performance about WT Stead of Embleton, shown at the White Swan during heritage weekend.

As I had just read a book about Benita Brown of Newcastle based on the life of WT Stead with an explanation chapter on his true life story at the back of her book, The Promise , I was delighted at the showing and coincidence of this.

What a marvellous professional presentation this was, in a short playlet the wonderful group of talented players managed to show the audience about his undoubtedly courageous life.

Well done Alnwick Theatre Club, what a talented bunch you are.

I think you do shame to many professionals and also to the writer who managed to cover his whole life in a short story.

I sat with a Canadian couple who were absolutely amazed by your performance and I felt honoured to be able to explain a little more about WT Stead having read Benita Brown’s book.

Thank-you for the free show, long may you continue with your brilliance.

Rosalee Cook-Jury,

Blakelaw Court,


PS. It is such a pity that he never received the Nobel Peace Prize. He duly deserved as it was not given posthumously after his death on the Titanic.