‘Local’ claims do not wash

It is sad to say that the charges of hypocrisy do stick to MsPorksen – claiming to be ‘local’ both in Pimlico, central London, as well as Northumberland just does not wash with people and this was compounded by the inaccuracies of her latest leaflet.

Her commitment to this area seems to have been extremely short-lived.

Having read agricultural studies at university, as a farmer, I can vouch for the fact that there are many opportunities in the north of England for a successful career.

Obviously, the bright lights of London and the wider world were a greater attraction and work in public relations with Tigermouth in London was felt to be a better bet than getting her hands dirty up here in the north.

A cynic might say that, having worked for Nick Clegg, the next step for her would be to find a relatively safe seat as an MP and to carry on climbing the greasy pole of politics.

It would seem that this naked ambition is the reason for her presence in our area and little more. It is only right for residents to seek out the truth in this matter.

Peter Jackson, Belsay