Lib Dem slur

LAST week, the publicly-funded researcher employed by our Lib Dem MP wrote a letter about the referendum on changing Britain’s voting system.

Dr Mills failed to mention the Lib Dem leader’s opinion of the Alternative Vote (AV) system.

Nick Clegg calls AV a ‘miserable little compromise’ – and, of course, when Lib Dems speak of miserable little compromises, they do so with real authority.

Ahead of the General Election, the Lib Dems promised not to raise university tuition fees, and then tripled them within months of getting power.

Sir Alan Beith was one of those who voted to increase fees, after pledging not to do so in order to get elected.

Lib Dems are still issuing leaflets about their supposed ‘campaign’ to see a rebuild of the Duchess’s High School.

Readers of the Gazette know that, in February, the Lib Dem county council refused to put a penny towards our school and instead put £18million towards Ashington Leisure Centre.

Finally, I must mention Dr Mill’s appalling and defamatory remark that Mrs Trevelyan is ‘campaigning with the BNP’ ahead of the referendum. In keeping with the Lib Dem attitude towards the truth, this slur is simply beneath contempt.

It can only be hoped that Dr Mills writes such letters outside her office hours as a researcher funded by taxpayers.

Dr Rob Loughenbury, Secretary, Northumberland Conservatives