So Mike Pratt, head of the Northumberland Wildlife Trust (NWT), is off again. Readers may remember him extolling the virtues of the new PPF planning legislation and heralding the dawn of a golden age of environmental protection. Now he informs us that he has concerns about bovine TB (bTB) and its impact on farmers and wildlife.

Well Mr Pratt, we must ask again: Why not comment when it could make a difference?

We thought that potential damage to the red squirrel colony at Dunstan Steads and potential pollution of the SSI at Embleton Bay may be something that Mr Pratt would comment on.

We also thought that the NWT would have concerns about an application to bringing two-week-old calves (too young to test for bTb) from the potentially-infected dairy herds of the south of England into Northumberland, one of the few remaining bTB-free areas in the country.

The NWT raised not a single cautionary comment about the application. No objections and thank you so much for asking us they said!

Mr Pratt and his contemptible band of frog counters are very much like the AONB. They are great at self-publicity and empty quotes for the papers. Just don’t expect them to express an opinion when it could actually protect the AONB or wildlife in Northumberland.

The NWT is a joke. We will not be renewing our membership fee next year.

Michael Townsend,

Dunstanburgh Castle Hotel,