Letters talk of legal costs

Just a short comment on your article last week putting the case of a Rothbury resident who claims that people give misleading information about him.

In February 2014, he had a third letter sent to Rothbury Parish Council from his solicitor, Irwin Mitchell, of Newcastle, which says: ‘The council is also notified that a claim will be made for an award of costs, covering legal expenses which have been incurred as a result of the council avoiding its duty under the relevant acts. This already amounts to in excess of £2,500.

‘The council should bring this risk to the attention of its auditors and recognise this within its annual audit return.’

His latest letter from Irwin Mitchell to Rothbury Parish Council of June 2014 and mentioned in your article says: ‘Our client’s legal costs to date relating to Rothbury Parish Council exceed £5,000.’

Jeff Reynalds,

A Rothbury Parish Councillor