Incredulous of Thropton’s efforts of May 17 regarding birds, demand attention. I’ll try to make my paragraphs short enough for him/her.

I may bray like an ass, but I’m not a quadruped and, therefore, don’t have “hind legs”.

I didn’t reply to his/her letter of April 26, because I felt it didn’t add anything to the argument.

By addressing the Bindas as “Messrs”, he/she labels Mrs Binda as a man below the rank of Baron. That’s not very polite.

Rooks are vermin/pests and are listed by Natural England (under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981) along with 11 other bird species.

The raven, carrion and hooded crow, jackdaw, magpie and jay regularly eat carrion and are also noted as some of the best nest robbers in nature. The chough and the rook mainly eat invertebrates and insects.

Worldwide scientific research proves that rooks carry parasites and disease. If we humans left all flora and fauna alone we’d be knee deep in ragwort and rats.

My Collins dictionary defines “Incred-ulous” as “not prepared or willing to believe.”

Perhaps that’s why he/she chose to hide behind it?

Mark Gilson,