Let the battle of Castles begin!

NOT since Harry of the Hotspur or Harry of the Potter variety have two namesakes had such a battle in the ancient burgh of Alnwick.

In the blue corner you have Sir Gordon, clad in emails and sitting on his high-powered 1000cc steed and in the “I don’t know what colour” corner, Lord Alan mounted on his enormous printing press.

The battle has commenced and already the arrows of misquoting and discontent have struck home and have sorely wounded the people’s champion. Lord Alan, surrounded by his column and armed with his deadly quill, has counter-att acked and the battle lines have been drawn.

It is said that our noble Duke has wisely taken refuge in his castle as the words fly and the presses print. It is also rumoured that he has offered the use of his courtyard as neutral ground to the honourable gentlemen to settle the simmering score. It is hoped that the dispute will be resolved amicably to prevent any further wounding of the two noble gentry.

This joust should take place at dusk next Woden’s Day before the forthcoming issue of the Gazette is distributed to the good citizens of the county thus returning the town to its former peace and tranquillity.

After all, the town is surely not big enough to boast two Castles!

Jeffrey de Longpen of

Warkworth, serf (otherwise known as Coun Jeff Watson)