Let’s have horse and cart back

I RECENTLY read an article in the business section of the Daily Telegraph that reported the issue of horse-drawn rubbish carts in France.

I thought that this was a wonderful idea. The article indicated that the company responsible is the owner of Sita UK and my hope is that the council contacts Sita UK to see if there is scope to carry out similar trials in Northumberland and, if city-based, then presumably in Newcastle.

However, the article also gave rise to a related idea which is the real purpose of this letter.

The council provide a very efficient and (by me at least) appreciated rubbish collection service in the Seahouses area. The public bins very quickly fill up during the peak summer season with discarded fish and chips debris and the council operates what appears to be a bin-emptying service continually driving round the public bins to ensure that Seahouses is kept clean and tidy.

My idea is that this service, even if only on a couple of days per week during the school summer holidays, could be part-provided by horse and cart.

I’m sure that this would be extremely popular with visiting day trippers to Seahouses and so be very beneficial to the local area which is now almost completely dependent on tourist income and there would undoubtedly be a positive reflection on the public image of the parties involved.

Having no knowledge of working horses, I am uncertain of the logistics involved.

I would imagine that a rest/feeding area would be required as well as a location to transfer the collected rubbish to the traditional council van. The council car park behind the high street shops would seem to be very suitable location.

I’m sending a copy of this letter to a variety of organisations that I hope could help to make this happen with benefits to all involved.

My hope is to act simply as a co-ordinator and I request that if any recipients are interested in exploring the idea further, or have suggestion as to who else may be, then they please reply with contact names and details that I can then circulate amongst the other interested parties.

I’ve included the Seahouses Development Trust, which have an office in Seahouses and may well able to arrange a suitable venue for an initial meeting if there did prove to be sufficient interest in the idea.

R Baddeley and Carole Page,

St Aidans,