Let’s give three cheers for our school

Has anyone noticed what a great little town Amble is?

I moved here with my partner ten years ago. Despite rising unemployment with factories closing there are some great little businesses here. The icing on the cake is the middle school and the high school is the cherry on the top.

What a change there has been over the last couple of years since the new headmistress arrived. Children at James Calvert Spence College are so smart in their blazers and ties and very polite. I hear children are getting fantastic exam results as well.

There is always the odd moaner who will pick holes in everything, but almost everyone I have met has commented upon how much the schools have changed for the better.

I visited recently and it’s noticeable how the teachers are all working so hard together to help the kids get a great start.

It is easy to gripe about schools. But let’s give a cheer for Mrs Graham and her team for turning our local schools around. I am so grateful that our kids will be lucky enough to get someone who is evidently passionate about their education, especially when the chances of decent work when they leave school are so slim.

I am really looking forward to sending my lot to her school.

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