Let’s follow the French model

IF Alnwick Market place is to be used by all then we may wish to follow France, where in many squares, as is traditional, there is a market each morning until 1pm.

It seems that within minutes of 1pm the stallholders have packed up and cleared off, leaving a substantial amount of debris.

Minutes later the cleaning team arrive to remove the rubbish and hose down the square.

By 2pm the square is immaculate and available for parking, in marked bays, for the remainder of the day.

If we wish to limit access in the market place then another French method may be the solution. Those allowed or entitled to access a square or traffic free road swipe a card on a freestanding machine and two bollards sink into the ground. After a vehicle has passed the bollards rise again from the ground.

These two methods do seem to work well, it only remains for the decision to be made, to allow free access or limited access to the Market Place?

Judi Hill,