Leave the village’s trees and the rooks alone

THE suggestion by Coun Mark Gilson and his colleagues that the trees on Rothbury High Street be felled to rid our village of its rooks is totally unacceptable.

The trees are beautiful and make the village the delight that it is. They are older than Mr Gilson and have a better right to live here than he does. They also clean the air for free.

The rooks of Rothbury are part of village life and were here before any of us.

Like the trees, they provide a public service as nature’s undertakers, clearing up carrion and food discarded by members of the public.

The idea that they present a health threat is laughable and a typically alarmist bit of nonsense by Coun Gilson, who knows that this sort of suggestion is accepted immediately and acted upon willy-nilly.

The parish council should leave our birds and trees alone.

Jane and Alex Binda,

Coquet Vale Mews,

Station Road, Rothbury