Leave our village as it is

I have read the article in the Gazette, re: the houses in Warkworth.

Where do the Northumberland Estates get their information from, as there are no jobs in the area? How will it create work other than those while building?

After that, the situation will be the same and our lives will be blighted by our perfect view been taken away.

Thought should be given to creating sustainable employment for those in the area, not bringing in people from outside who will buy up these homes and let them out during the summer.

One just has to look to Shilbottle, what extra work has the new build there created? Very little.

I would think, once the pits closed, Shilbottle became a backwater and will remain so and if asked, I think the locals would say they like it that way.

Well, we in Warkworth like our village the way it is and object strongly to these proposals.

Peter Little,