Labour is best bet for Euros

If the opinion polls are correct, the contest for first place in May’s European election is between Labour and UKIP.

In the last European elections, in 2009, more than half of those eligible to vote declined to do so. One of the main reasons given for not voting was ‘you’re all the same’.

It’s hard to see how that reason exists this time. UKIP is the polar opposite of everything that Labour stands for.

UKIP’s policies include: Privatising the whole of the National Health Service; lifting the ban on handguns brought in after the massacre of schoolchildren at Dunblane; cutting even more public-sector jobs than the current Government; denying asbestos is dangerous; introducing a flat rate of tax, as found in Mongolia, Albania, Iraq and Kazakhstan, so that multi-millionaires would pay the same rate as everyone else; ending the teaching of climate change in schools; abolishing workers’ rights to health and safety, maternity and paternity leave, paid holidays and equal treatment for part-time and temporary staff; and building, at huge expense, our own nuclear missile system.

Voters in north Northumberland should note that UKIP’s leader, Mr Farage, has proudly boasted: “I’m the only politician keeping the flame of Thatcherism alive.”

So if you want a return to the worst excesses of Thatcherism, vote UKIP. If not, vote Labour, as we are the only party who can stop them winning.

Either way, please don’t say, ‘you’re all the same’. We’re not, the differences have never been so stark – so please vote!

Paul Brannen,

Labour Party European Team Candidate 2014