Kindness after a nasty fall

I wish to say many, many thanks to the wonderful couple who came to help me.

I was only a few yards from my front door, and fell, due to uneven paving stones and sustained a nasty blow to my head, plus other bumps and bruises.

These kind people (How I wish and knew who they were), came straight to my assistance and helped me back home.

The gentleman called for an ambulance while the lady went to the supermarket in order to purchase the shopping (How kind was that) which I had intended to purchase prior to the fall.

How grateful I felt to have been helped by these two people whom I had never met before, but who bothered themselves to stop and help me.

Having already suffered a stroke I would have had tremendous difficulty getting up unaided, and the fact they went the extra mile just goes to show the true meaning of human kindness.

I truly hope they, or someone they know could pass on to them how much that act of kindness meant to me.

D Purvis, Alnwick