Keep your mess out of our bins

I wonder if through the good auspices of your paper I could make a plea.

Last week Northumberland County Council failed to empty our blue recycling bin, because a third party had deposited a sealed bag of dog mess into the top of the bin while at the boundary of our property awaiting collection on collection day.

We, in consequence, had to dispose of the offending bag of dog mess (a simple operation of lifting it out of the bin and placing in our composter) plus the considerable inconvenience of disposing of two full weeks’ worth of recycling rubbish not collected by Northumberland County Council and then, to add insult to injury, received and had to respond to a letter from the council’s recycling officer Terry Harkins lecturing us on the dos and don’ts of recycling rubbish.

I would like to thank the vast majority of dog owners and dog walkers who fastidiously clear up their dog’s ‘business’ deposited in public areas into poo bags and dispose of responsibly.

However, I would ask that they do take a moment to make doubly certain that if they wish to dispose of their bags whilst out and about (rather than waiting until they get home) that they place these preferably in the public dog mess bins provided on the footways or if they insist on using home owners’ wheely bins awaiting collection that they ensure that they use general refuse bins and not blue recycling ones.

Peter Groves,

Allerburn Lea, Alnwick