Julie is an exciting choice

In reply to Kay Robinson of Morpeth (Gazette, October 24) I would like to say that there is no ‘battle for seat’ within the membership of Berwick Liberal Democrats.

In fact, Julie PÖrksen was enthusiastically endorsed as our new candidate to replace Sir Alan at the next parliamentary elections.

She is a person well capable of attracting votes from both Labour and Conservative with her ability to listen and act upon what she learns from the electorate.

A young woman with strong farming associations and deep Northumbrian roots, she has that special wow factor which many appreciate.

Unlike Kay Robinson, I will not mention other names or attempt to analyse what is happening in other parties.

Suffice it to say that the Lib Dems in Government have done more in three-and-a-half years for this area than Labour did in 13, having secured funding for a new high school in Alnwick, a new infirmary in Berwick and funding for upgrades to the East Coast Line.

By contrast, Labour refused to replace run-down buildings of the Duchess’s High School because the students’ grades were too high.

The local Labour Party has little to say in support of local people – but Sir Alan Beith MP and local Lib Dem campaigners kept up the fight for the rural community which Labour does not seem to understand.

Julie is an exciting choice to replace Sir Alan.

She will understand and listen to the people who live in the Berwick constituency as her prime concern.

John Hobrough,


Berwick Lib Dems,

St Lawrence Terrace,