Irresponsible owner to blame

Re your report on October 18, about a dog attack on a cat in Rothbury, my husband and I lost a beloved nine-year-old pet in similar circumstances about 13 years ago, when living in Yorkshire.

We were at work at the time and the cat was ‘sunning’ himself in a neighbour’s garden.

An unknown man had been walking four large dogs in a nearby country park and they were still off their leads as he returned to his parked car.

They spotted the cat and immediately attacked; several neighbours, who witnessed the incident and attempted to intervene, said he was ‘tossed around like a rag doll’.

The dog owner beat a hasty retreat; the cat was lucky to survive. When we returned, we took him immediately to the vet, who found no serious external injuries, administered antibiotics and a tranquilliser to calm him down. I have never seen an animal so traumatised.

Over the next couple of weeks, with a lot of tlc, he began to show signs of recovery but then started to have epileptic seizures. They became so frequent and severe that the vet concluded he had suffered an irreparable brain injury and we had to have him put to sleep.

He was a strong, healthy individual with masses of character before the attack, which reduced him to a cowering shadow of his former self. We loved him dearly and shall never forget him.

I don’t blame the dogs, they were simply doing what comes naturally. It’s irresponsible owners who are at fault for failing to adequately control their animals. I send my best wishes to Ms Tait and her pet, which I sincerely hope is well on the way to a full recovery.

Mrs Linda Bates,

Lanton Close, Swarland