Introduce canine controls

Again, to all dog owners.

The only printed reply to my letter concerning the dogs of Northumberland was interesting, informative and incorrect.

I don’t hate dogs, eating one has never crossed my mind and the pleasure derived from ownership plus the good deeds of working animals is not disputed.

There are nine million dogs in Britain and since 2012 their numbers rose at a rate of 500,000 per year.

The question of a limit will eventually have to be addressed, if that rate of increase continues.

As Northumberland’s reputation grows as a dog friendly area where animals can run the beaches off the lead, we will attract even more and the county will become one huge dog pound.

The possibility of this is not so far-fetched as you may think.

The Tynemouth beaches ban all dogs completely during the summer months and I’m sure they have good reason to do so.

A small dog in Amble was almost savaged to death last week by another more vicious dog, which was on a lead, but couldn’t be held by the owner. Why own an animal that cannot physically be controlled?

The children who witnessed the incident were not seeking to hate dogs or eat them either, but were traumatised all the same.

Are we waiting until a child is savaged before action is taken?

The point I was making in my letter was about freedom, the right to live a life without others’ inflicting their cultural preferences upon me.

It is of no consequence what animals (within the law) people decide to own, but it is my basic human right not to have them come uninvited into my personal space.

It is fundamental to an individual’s liberty to choose who or what gets that close.

And stop forcing your way of life (your dog) on everyone else.

To do otherwise is quite simply the definition of fascism…and we all know where that leads.

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