Inaccuracies in NHS debate

RE NHS changes: There is a continuing debate going on that in most cases is very inaccurate.

For a start, the change allowing hospitals to have private beds means that they will have the income for their own development. It is not making the hospital private, nor does it mean that the money will go to some private American firm.

Aneurin Bevan set the scheme up with private beds which meant that consultants were available to see other NHS patients in an emergency as they stayed on hospital premises.

It was the jealousy of the unions which lead to those beds going away to private hospitals (which I personally am unhappy about as those places don’t employ housemen to cover 24/7, so emergency changes mean the patients are then admitted into the ordinary hospital).

I am annoyed today that the Labour NHS spokesman said that the medical staff were very happy with the service under their Government, which is absolutely untrue.

There has been a growing dissatisfaction and depression among all levels of staff due to the enormous over-use of paper and prevention of full attention to patients.

Indeed, many nurses were finding they were given so little time to each patient that they felt there was a danger to the safety of the patient.

There have been constant complaints that there is too much interference, indeed too much spending on interfering administrators, who have grown in numbers and who have no understanding of the health needs of the patients.

There has also been an over-payment on salaries in the same way as the business and banking sector.

There is an attempt being made to rectify this but I regret that the unions and the administrators are highjacking the reform and frightening the general population.

I feel very sad as this probably is the last chance to do something about it and is essential even at this very financially difficult time.

Dr Anne Wrangham,

By email