In response: Badger was a matchmaker

In response to Mark Palmer, he provoked a funny memory for me.

I hit a badger in my car once and it smashed up the grill big time. It was the size of a horse. The badger, not the grill – it was a Citroen Saxo.

If I had have swerved I’d have hit a silver Micra on the other side of the road. As it was, I smashed the badger over the hedge and stopped the Saxo to compose myself.

The lady in the Micra got out to see if I was okay. She was gorgeous. We got talking and she took me for a drink and we swapped numbers.

Long story short, we’ve been married five years. Our anniversary was on Tuesday – happy anniversary, Sue.

So in support of Mark Palmer running over animals, I’d like to say try it – it might result in something good.

I wonder if any of your readers have had other similar accidents resulting in romance. Maybe it should be a regular Gazette feature.

Chris Humous (and his wife Sue),


Let’s cherish our wildlife

I would like to reply to the letter from Mark Palmer.

I do not agree with his views concerning the killing of rabbits on our quiet country roads.

The issue goes much wider than rabbits. Our roads are littered with dead animals and birds – rabbits, hares, pheasants, badgers, squirrels, and even deer.

While I am sure that some wildlife fatalities cannot be avoided, I feel that many could be. The problem is the poor standard of driving and lack of care shown to animals by some drivers.

Many people drive too fast and so cannot avoid animals on the road, or too close to the car in front so that the front driver feels it would be dangerous to slow down to save the animal, or simply do not value our wildlife.

Why should these birds and animals suffer due to our poor driving?

We are all privileged to live in Northumberland with its abundance of wonderful wildlife, which we should cherish and celebrate, rather than view as an unwanted obstruction to be run over.

Nicholas Robshaw,

Hedley Barns Cottage,