In praise of local councillors

Although not a resident of what I term the ‘rural encatchment’ in north Northumberland which your excellent newspaper provides coverage of (I live in the south-east of the c ounty) I have been for a number of years, a most avid reader.

I look forward to reports of local issues; your various campaigns; future events and attractions, but in particular what affects your readers.

In particular, every week you report the excellent work done by the numerous town and parish councils; unrivalled by any other local paper that I know of.

In May 2013, over 900 residents were elected to represent their communities in Northumberland and whether it be a large town, village, hamlet or settlement, all provide a service, voluntarily and for free.

All with the same aim in mind. To improve the immediate area that they live in.

I applaud everyone for that and I equally applaud all your reporters through your newspaper for making us all aware of decisions made, by reporting on the various council meetings.

This is the first level of democracy and in my mind very often the most effective.

May I also take the opportunity to pay my personal respects to the late councillor John Taylor whom I got to meet on a number of occasions.

He typified everything that is good in being a gentleman and a Northumbrian. He certainly leaves some big shoes to fill in the forthcoming by-election, which I will follow through your newspaper.

Alex Wallace,


Northumberland Association of Local Councils