Impossible task

I note with interest, the report in Thursday’s Gazette of the fire incident aboard the fishing trawler Green Pastures and the assistance rendered by Amble and Tynemouth lifeboats.

Does any reader have any theories about how they were able to tow the disabled vessel to Blyth?

My own is that the abnormally low perigee of the moon, together in conjunction with the sun caused the increased gravitational attraction to influence the uncommon height of the spring tides. This enabled the lifeboats to achieve a previously thought impossible feat of seamanship and navigation.

I had to use my old parallel rule and dividers to convince myself of their reported position and place them somewhere up the Coquet valley near Alwinton. Isn’t it amazing that not one person up-country thought it unusual to see a 50-ton fishing trawler in company with two large lifeboats in that area and report it to the media? I’m surprised that the task wasn’t assigned to the AA, after all, didn’t they use to claim to be the fourth emergency service?

Rodney Burge,

Lifeboat Operations Manager,

Amble Lifeboat Station,

Radcliffe Quay, Amble Harbour

EDITOR’S NOTE: Unfortunately, we did not spot the error in the Tynemouth RNLI press release, placing the rescue 23 miles west of Amble, and hope that the crews did not receive the same information!