If you vote for UKIP, then you get UKIP

Richard Elvin
Richard Elvin

The Conservative Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Berwick is quite right to point out that Michael Weatheritt did contest the seat for UKIP in 2010. We also contested it in 1997 (Ian Dodds) and 2001 (John Pearson).

Michael and his wife Margaret, who are friends of mine, have been doing a fantastic job over the years with very limited resources. I assisted Michael in his campaign in 2010 so I am fully aware that he stood.

There was obviously a misunderstanding with the telephone interview I conducted with the Berwick Advertiser reporter while doing some late Friday night shopping for which I sincerely apologise.

David Cameron, a pro-EU politician, has done a U-turn and is only talking about the possibility of a referendum in 2017 because of UKIP. We all know that it will not happen.

The Conservatives will not win the 2015 election outright. Will David Cameron still be in charge of his party in 2017?

The EU will not allow any fundamental changes to the existing treaties – they have repeatedly said so.

If any changes can be made, Cameron has stated that he will campaign for us to stay in. The James Wharton private members bill is all smoke and mirrors put forward by an MP desperate to keep his Stockton seat.

Labour MP Jon Cruddas summed up the sate of UK politics when he said: “Politics was always about us (Labour) and them (Conservatives). Two teams, camps, gangs, crews, tribes – call them what you will – but basically left and right.”

That is no longer the case. All the existing parties are basically the same – social democrats. The only difference is the colour of their rosettes.

UKIP is changing the face of British politics with its common-sense policies.

Conservative and Labour are following our example on the EU, wind turbines and law and order.

This week Cameron came out and backed UKIP’s policy on law and order that sentences should mean what they say: ‘life means life’.

The Lib Dems, of course, want more Europe, more wind turbines and are soft on law and order.

I just love the mantra of the existing political elite. The Conservatives say if you vote UKIP, you get Labour. Labour say if you vote UKIP, you get Conservative.

They are both wrong. If you vote UKIP, you get UKIP. Our recent string of local election results testifies to this.

UKIP started 2013 on 15 per cent in the opinion polls. Some polls state that we are starting 2014 on almost 30 per cent.

With the rise of UKIP, I foresee a sea change in British politics and it will be the great, kind and tolerant British people who will benefit from a party with common-sense policies.

Thank you to the Gazette and Advertiser for running the original article. A huge thank-you to all who have supported us.

I wish everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

Richard Elvin,

Chairman, UKIP North East