If only Ofsted had seen this

Lindisfarne Middle School
Lindisfarne Middle School

A a parent of a child at Lindisfarne Middle School, I have recently attended two events there.

The first occasion was the year group’s Celebration Assembly; a joyous event in which the achievements of pupils – both in and out of school – were celebrated.

The event lasted for almost an hour during which children were skilfully playing in the school orchestra, receiving certificates for house points and being praised for sporting, dramatic and academic achievements.

The teachers running the assembly very obviously enjoyed the event and were full of praise for their pupils.

It was wonderful to attend such a positive occasion when, as we know, the school has recently received such a damning report from Ofsted.

Yesterday evening (Wednesday) I attended the school play, Poptastic, a musical about a young girl who is desperate to be a pop star and how things go dreadfully wrong when her wish comes true.

What a show! The cast were disciplined, enthusiastic and full of energy. The teachers who had directed, musically directed and assisted with this show had clearly worked incredibly hard and the audience had a great night out.

Like many parents, I was shocked and concerned when the Ofsted report on Lindisfarne was made public.

The governors and headteacher are now working to get the school out of special measures as soon as possible.

What the school now needs is the support of its parents and the community to enable it to move forward.

It must be upsetting for pupils at the school to hear their school talked about with derision and to know that there is now some sort of stigma attached to it. On the evidence of these two recent events at the school, the children are cared for, high-achieving and extremely happy there.

I could only concur when one of the visitors commented at the school assembly ‘If only Ofsted had been here to see this.’

Sally Pumford,

Clive Terrace, Alnwick