I’m cross over state of memorial

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Having recently visited the Malcolm Cross memorial cross, I was sad to see how overgrown the site is and how unkempt the memorial has become.

My recollection of previous visits was that the vegetation had been cut back round the memorial to form a little clearing and that some flowers were placed on the plinth.

The memorial recalls a very important period in the history of Alnwick and the Borders and it is sad to see such neglect of a national monument.

I imagine that if the roles were reversed and the memorial was to the death of an English king in Scotland, it would not be so neglected, if only for the nationalist spirit it would engender.

I doubt the memorial at Bannockburn, Prestonpans and Killiecrankie suffer such neglect.

Perhaps Northumberland Estates, on whose land it is, might spare half-an-hour to tidy it up?

RB Wilson,

The Maltings,