How green are turbines?

I also see the eyesore at Middlemoor every time I walk down the street.

This time last year the joy the view gave me was immense, now it fills me with sadness daily, and for what?

I understand that the power produced is a minimal contribution to the grid, excess power cannot be stored. Add to this the pollution caused by manufacture and transportation and who benefits?

Our money is again being used by the Government to add to the pockets of those who need it least, and at the expense of our wonderful countryside.

We will live to regret this, our areas of beauty are small and far between as it is.

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Greed vs countryside

How to ruin an iconic landscape in Northumberland.

1. Find a greedy landowner

2. Find a greedy land agent

3. Put in plans for a windfarm

4. Apply for a grant from an inept and hoodwinked government department

5. Ignore public opinion

6. Build windfarm

7. Job done

These, of course, are just a general set of rules and apply to no particular site.

George Skipper