How else will we get power?

In reply to the letter from Noel Hodgson re wind turbines (Gazette, August 21), the short answer is that Hampshire has many very effective Nimbys.

We do need more turbines; even then, the lights will very likely go out and Noel Hodgson will realise what it’s all about.

We lived through the Winter of Discontent in 1978-79

The lights certainly went out then. Some were planned power cuts and others were simply power failures. Some unfortunate people spent Christmas in the dark. We were running a small general store in a mining village at the time and life was very hard.

It’s no use saying it won’t affect you, as you have gas central heating; boilers need electricity to work and to power the pump.

If you want to practise, try cooking a meal for a family of four on a small paraffin picnic stove. And, horror of horrors, you won’t be able to charge your smartphone!

Lol Merreywether,

Windsor Gardens,