HOUSING: This scheme will not help

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I write in reply to the letter regarding the proposed development of 51 houses on Amble Industrial Estate, (Northumberland Gazette, June 22).

The writer does not seem to understand the proposal.

The fact is that these houses were not affordable homes and were to be made available as private, unassisted rented properties. There were no one-bedroom flats.

I have consistently objected to this proposal as it does not make sense to me to take away industrial land and reduce the potential for job opportunities for Amble, especially with the large amount of new homes being developed in the area.

I sympathise with the problems expressed in the letter about the difficulty in finding one bedroom accommodation. However, this development was never going to help that situation.

I believe the county council should keep in mind the need for a greater provision of smaller, affordable properties.

This development has been put on hold, and I would repeat that I am firmly against it.

Jeff Watson,

Ward member for Amble West with Warkworth