HOUSING: Object to plans – because you could be next

Residents in Amble who are unhappy with the proposed Gloster Hill development.
Residents in Amble who are unhappy with the proposed Gloster Hill development.

We note your massive coverage of the ‘feeding frenzy’ of planning applications with particular reference to Warkworth, although Amble is affected too.

The proposed building of hundreds of houses in this area would put pressure on existing facilities and infrastructure and should not be allowed to proceed before these concerns are addressed and resolved.

The situations in West Amble, which is part of Warkworth parish has not yet got the attention it deserves.

The development at Mariner’s View and Gloster Hill Farm would ruin the lives of people and wildlife on a small residential estate in an undeveloped rural location.

An alternative ‘brownfield’ site at the former Cheviot Foods site is available and already has the infrastructure in place for housing or industrial development.

Here are some objections to the development at Mariner’s View and Gloster Farm. These are by no means inclusive:

1 The Mariner’s View site would have a narrow access road that the fire brigade has already objected to on safety grounds.

2 The access road to the farm element of the building site at the top of Gloster Hill has a blind, 90-degree, dangerous bend. The council has already rejected two applications to develop the farm site because of this hazard. In addition, protected species such as barn owls and bats live in the farm buildings.

3 The development would create 200 ‘traffic movements’ every day right through the middle of a small residential estate creating a hazard for new and existing residents such as children and old people. There would be several junctions with very restricted visibility. There would also be heavy utility vehicles using the access road which create huge problems of safety and pollution throughout the construction period. The junction between Gloster Hill and the Warkworth Road is notorious for speeding and has already been the scene of two fatal accidents. More traffic would exacerbate this.

4 The development would decimate local wildlife. An unspoilt field would effectively be concreted over, where we have seen barn owls, bats, sparrow hawks, kestrels, herons, foxes, deer, hares as well as a varied selection of plants. The developers are in denial over this and will not concede any concerns we have.

5 In heavy rain, there is massive run-off from local fields and an already inadequate sewerage would be overloaded. Even now heavy rain results in untreated sewerage being forced up through manhole covers at the bottom of Gloster Hill. Another 46 homes will create an untenable situation and a health hazard. The water board is on record as having serious reservations about the impact of this development.

The list could go on, such as loss of privacy when new houses are located feet from existing homes.

This is the wrong development in the wrong place and the developers won’t even begin to acknowledge its damaging effects. As usual money is more important than the quality of life for people already living here. Please make your concerns known to Northumberland County Council, Warkworth Parish Council, local MPs and prospective parliamentary candidates. It could be you next.