Hoodlums should be off the streets

The spray paint art panels at Alnwick bus station.
The spray paint art panels at Alnwick bus station.

Concerning the assault on the bus driver in the bus station in Alnwick – awful, but not surprising.

Why has this place been allowed to become a filthy, abusive youth club for neglected dysfunctionals?

The buses themselves have become a resource for little louts – a minority holding society to ransom. The ‘untouchables’ it seems, the authorities being helpless against this small obnoxious crew.

Our own experience at Christmas was the contrast between what must be among the most beautiful Christmas display in the country and the display of filth and folly (the folly of allowing it), in the repulsive bus station – almost a no-go area because of verbal abuse and obscene loud loutishness and the constant threat of physical assault from junior hoodlums who should be off the streets.

The final irony is the ‘Welcome to Alnwick’ painting luridly rising above the piled-up litter.

Are the authorities going to redeem themselves because they have the powers that ordinary citizens subjected daily and nightly don’t have?

Any attempt by ordinary citizens results in abuse and gives these youths the attention they desperately seem to need.

F Burke,

Harbour Road,