Honours: Disagree with officer award

I don’t often agree with The Times reporter Philip Collins, but it seems that the Honours system is now entirely without merit.

The recipient is either a party member or a civil servant who may have made a muddle of some of their responsibility.

Why on earth has the OBE been awarded to Ms Daljit Lally, who is in charge of social services in Northumberland, which has seen the loss of the home help service?

At best the elderly may be lucky to receive 15 minutes of help if they are responsible for a senile spouse. Even then, I discovered, they can be removed from the list without telling their listed carer, as happened when my husband was dying and I rang in and was told he would have to be reassessed. He died four days later.

Not only has that service been lost, but Ms Lally was in the past criticised for a letter sent to local headteachers regarding their leadership.

We used to get really good applications to advertised posts, now there is often a complete absence of good people on our lists.

Anne Wrangham,