Hit them where it hurts – the purse

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PERHAPS the best way to discourage people from trying to cross the Causeway outside the official crossing times is to hit their purse.

Would it be possible to put a notice beside all tide crossing timetables saying that anyone attempting to cross outside the official time and having to be rescued would face a charge of £1,000?

If this requires a bye-law, surely it could be done.

After all, there are bye-laws against consumption of alcohol in the town centre streets and for not cleaning up after your dog.

Also, are people who are rescued able to claim the cost of a car ruined by salt water from their insurers when it was through their own fault?

It is time those people took responsibility for their actions and not look for excuses eg, unable to understand the 24-hour clock.

If in doubt advice can easily be obtained from any local resident, shop, cafe, pub, etc.

Maureen Fortune

Prudhoe Street, Alnwick