Help us owners be responsible

I recently had an occasion to be at Seahouses for a while and decided to walk my Jack Russell from there to Beadnell, along the path beside the road and back, along the beach and up through the dunes.

Along the way my wee dog did as all dogs do and I collected it up in a doggy bag with the intention of putting it into the first doggy/litter bin I came across along the way.

Imagine my frustration and surprise that at no time during my walk was there a bin in which to place my ‘offering’.

There were plenty of signs along the way, indeed, at most gateways onto the dunes, inviting me to be a responsible owner and ‘bag it and bin it’, but alas no where in which to do so.

As a result I found plenty of evidence of those owners who had obviously not been responsible (nor do I blame them given the circumstances, having carried my wee bag all the way to Beadnell and back – an experience I don’t care to repeat), but also there was plenty of other litter left discarded along the road and in the dunes – not a very good advertisement to visitors to our county.

Isn’t it time the council placed some bins, perhaps at gateways, so that owners can make ‘doggy deposits’ in the right place and other walkers/beach dwellers/holidaymakers can put their rubbish where it ought to be rather than littering the countryside?

I am sure I cannot be the only dog owner who does not relish the idea of having to carry their ‘deposits’ all the way round on their walks.

So my plea to the council is simple – help us be responsible – by giving us litter bins please.

Mrs Carole Rae,

East Lilburn Farm Cottages,