Heated response to cold calls

Like everybody else, I guess, I am getting heartily sick of all these cold callers

It’s a huge invasion of privacy.

When you pick up the phone on any of these calls, either there is a not-so-golden silence or you get this spiel, mainly about insurance, or new windows or something else that you can easily live without.

I had one the other day: ‘I understand that someone in your house has had a car accident’. I was so annoyed (it takes me time to get to the phone in any case) that I literally screamed and slammed the phone down.

Trying to get hold of the Telephone Preference Service you do, of course, have to go through the normal Grand National course before you get hold of an actual human at the other end.

However, it’s no use getting through to them as they cannot do anything about it, unless they have a number to ring.

These people will never, ever be successful at getting me to buy anything from them.

These cold calls are just another nasty, sly way of trying to get people to buy their rubbish.

I reckon half the country is being plagued by this bacteria. There really should be a law against people being bothered like this.

Sheena Campbell,

St Aidan’s,