Has flooding threat been fully probed?

The article by James Willoughby in the Gazette (April 17) is interesting reading.

I wonder if our landlord, Johnnie Johnson Housing, will raise any objections to the development currently on appeal?

We are in a ground-floor flat because of disabilities and were evacuated for three months in 2012 due to foul surface-water flooding, having previously had water up to the door, which was safely pumped into a field.

Note: There is no warning issued for surface-water flooding.

The Estates says that it will ensure that new development will not add to the flooding problem. Well, that’s all right then. How can the foul water produced not add to the problem?

One wonders if the start-up units will be taken up and, if so, how much they will add to the problem?

Should we build an ark?

I have been lead to believe that there are underground mine workings below this proposed development and that they may be quite near the surface.

At the time of active mining, great care was taken to avoid being too close to established buildings, which were mostly farms and the old village.

There is a land registry that has taken over from the old Coal Board. I hope that this matter has been investigated thoroughly otherwise there could be some nasty surprises in store.

Meanwhile, there are plans for development behind Shilbottle school, which will exit onto Grange Road directly to where there is a double bend, already a 20mph speed limit would be helpful there.

E Woodward,

Haven Meadows,