Harsh words

I read with surprise your review of a dining out experience at the Three Wheat Heads, Thropton. If it had not been for the mention of the view, and the accompanying photographs I would have questioned if your reporter had visited my local pub.

Until eight months ago the Three Wheat Heads had stood empty for three years, for ten years before that there had been a series of incompetent tenants running the place into the ground, no Gazette reviews then. About a year ago the current landlord took on the tenancy in the trough of a financial recession and completely refurbished the place, including re-carpeting the public areas; yes ‘the carpet that has seen better days’ is in fact eight months old.

My wife and I have regularly used the facilities since the pub re-opened, between us we have tried every dish on the menu, always with satisfaction, and cannot relate our experience to that described by your correspondent. The management do have a constant theme; to serve good fresh food. Yes, there is a broad range of food types, there are English, Greek, and until last week, Asian chefs in the kitchen. The food is sourced locally, but it would be hard to list all the suppliers as they do change. Last week rabbit was on the menu because a farmer brought some in that he had shot that day. We have always found the staff to be well trained, attentive and trying to please, without being obsequious and over fussy. Altogether dining at the Three Wheat Heads has always been a delight. It took courage to re-open a derelict pub, “out in the sticks”, in the middle of a recession. It was an act of faith that has paid off. The establishment is now a bustling heart of the community and I, for one, am delighted to support it on a regular basis.

Bill Bland

Simonside Croft