Harsh criticism of caravan

I READ the letter in the Northumberland Gazette with great interest regarding ‘Pigs, chickens good for village’.

I must totally agree with Emma Atkinson that pigs can smell but more so when not looked after, which I don’t think was the case with the ones in question.

I also agree that perhaps the caravan shouldn’t have been on the grass verge, especially before it was washed, but we have got accustomed to a school bus being parked there on most school days.

I think that the person in question deserves full marks for trying, on what has been a deserted piece ground for years and, to see him, he obviously enjoys what he is doing.

I think Steven Bridgett and his followers are a bit harsh to criticise what is considered an eyesore.

How about criticising Northumberland County Council for the disgusting state of the surrounding verges in the immediate area?

I, plus others, consider it an awful sight and a discredit to the village of Rothbury.

M Young,

Whitton View,