Harehope links with William

I was interested in your report of the meeting of the Rothbury History Society.

It may surprise the readers to know that the north was the home of the main Parliamentarian William Wilberforce, who was a Yorkshireman and Member of Parliament for Hull.

He not only is remembered for the Act liberating the slave trade but was also a main supporter for the two Factory Acts, which took children out of the mines and also started the running of education for England, as well as being a supporter of the Religious Reform Bill.

His great-great-grandson was Ted Wrangham, who farmed the Harehope Estate until his son took it on from 1989 and the descendants are still here. The great-grandson of William was the first Bishop of Newcastle. I did not know of the Grey family among the supporters of the Clapham sect.

Many of Wilberforce’s descendants are still involved with the Antislavery Society as there is still a problem today, with many young women being enticed into Britain and used in the sex trade. The work goes on.

Anne Wrangham,

By email