Great job, it was wonderful

Since I was not a part of the organising committee, I wonder if I might on behalf of the people of Bamburgh thank all those responsible for making the Torch day such a wonderful occasion.

Clearly a lot of hard work and effort had been put in by a small group of village people to make the day go so smoothly and memorably: from the children’s sports to the parking, and from the torches of inspiration to the bell ringing…activities far too many to list.

Perhaps particular mention should be made of Brendan Foster who spent so much time with the children from our local schools and the members of RAF Boulmer who quietly guarded the torches and kept the queues of people in good humour and offered a magnifient fly-past.

Fortunately (if the legend is to be believed) the wonderful scarecrows haven’t scared the Bamburgh crows away even if they have spooked my dog!

Brian Hurst

Vicar of Bamburgh