GRATITUDE: In public praise of Sir Alan

Sir Alan Beith speaking in Parliament.
Sir Alan Beith speaking in Parliament.

I would like to let people know of the experience I had after I felt it necessary to contact Sir Alan Beith regarding my entitlements on retirement from the Civil Service.

There are two reasons for timing my letter to the Gazette in this way, the first being that Sir Alan is soon to retire and I wanted to give him due public praise whilst he was still in post.

Secondly, as I am two months into retirement now, I fully realise how his intervention saved me a great deal more stress.

The brief history is that I battled, on my own, to secure my rightful entitlements from the pension offices of the civil service and the private company involved in my contract.

This battle went on for almost four months and was beyond ridiculous, causing an immense amount of stress.

I was being pushed from pillar to post and no one seemed interested, let alone able to resolve my situation.

I normally try to deal with situations myself and you could say that I am quite an independent individual.

It was at this point that I decided to make contact with Sir Alan, to see if he could help resolve things.

Two minutes after emailing his Westminster office, I received an acknowledgement, assuring me that Sir Alan would have sight of my email.

Two days later, a letter from him landed on my doormat stating that he was taking on my case.

Without wanting to bore the reader with all of the comings and goings of my case, I will only say that I was totally taken aback at how professionally, quickly and sensitively Sir Alan and his team resolved my major issue, in a very short space of time. My stress levels plummeted as a result of his involvement.

I know that I am not the only person that has had help from Sir Alan, but I shall always be impressed and extremely grateful for the actions he took on my behalf. He is obviously well-respected and sensitive to the issues of others.

In conclusion I would like to wish Sir Alan a long and happy retirement and say that he will most definitely leave a big gap.

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