Grateful to a Good Samaritan

Following a bad fall in Alnwick recently, a young woman (Marge?) quietly and efficiently phoned 999 and told the onlookers she would look after me.

She put a rolled-up coat under my head and stayed with me until the ambulance arrived from Berwick, waited outside while the two paramedics gave me a thorough examination and told me I needn’t attend the A&E department – nothing broken.

Then she saw me safely seated in my car (with the door open – it was a very hot day), while she went to seek her husband, who drove her back to my car, which she then drove to take me home, with her husband following in their car to take her back home.

All this with a smile and with such a friendly and caring attitude.

I’m 83, walk with a stick and don’t know how I would have coped without her help. She told me she works in a local hairdressers.

Thank-you, Marge.

Oddly enough, the Gospel reading in church that week was The Good Samaritan and my next-door neighbour, Raymond, carried on with the caring by offering, then taking me to Alnwick Infirmary the next day, by which time my left arm and hand were badly swollen and very painful.

There are so many kind and caring people in this neighbourhood.

Joyce Snaith,

Narraway Cottage,

Newton on the Moor