GP SERVICE: Closure is unacceptable

I often wonder where our Government’s priorities lie. We have a situation here where 800 people, widely scattered, live in quite a remote valley in north Northumberland, and yet we are prepared to deny them reasonable access to medical facilities.

In fact, as I understand it, some remote farms do not even have electricity, unbelievable as this seems in 2015.

Surely, this is totally unacceptable and must not be allowed to happen, or are we so wrapped up in the immigration crisis threatening the south of our country that the north simply does not matter?

It is only recently that this section of the Coquet Valley has had a bus service, thanks to the excellent Spirit bus service.

It is simply not good enough and will only overwhelm the Rothbury medical practice.

Councillors, MPs, etc, have to do something – now.

Geraldine Costello,

Hillside East,