Goodwill must prevail here

After reading the the latest articles published in the local press on the issue of the U34 road in Detchant, we feel we must respond to comments made.

The statement that there is a ‘constant stream’ of lorries on the U34 road is not an accurate account of the situation. I would be interested to know what constitutes a constant stream.

As resident sof Detchant and frequent users of this road, we very rarely meet any traffic.

If we do meet oncoming traffic, the way it was dealt with in the past was to pull in to an area where passing was no problem.

The reason the roadside edges are churned up is because the passing places used for years have, relatively recently, had large stones placed in them to prevent vehicles pulling in and forcing vehicles to pass on the soft verge. Before the stones were placed, there was never a problem. Thank goodness there was no deep snow this winter as cars could have hit the stones.

In our opinion, strategically placed lay-bys and co-operation and compromise between the parties involved should surely be a far better way of dealing with the issue.

The fact that Bedmax is a large employer of local labour and associated employment in this area should surely be a serious consideration.

Detchant is a small community that seems to be tearing itself apart. We sincerely hope that goodwill will prevail.

We are aware that some residents feel that the situation as it stands impacts on their life and their concerns are valid, as are the concerns of Bedmax owners and employee’s.

Let us all hope for an amicable solution and the return of an undivided community.

Vic and Gill Quinn,

Kettleburn Cottages,